I have known Dr Murphy since 1995. I was the main tutor for his Ph.D. and he impressed all his tutors with his intellectual ambition, voracious reading and extraordinary capacity for sheer hard work. He developed and matured continually as a researcher, writing and rewriting his work until it satisfied his own exacting standards. I would rate him highly as an academic and an intellectual.

Dr Murphy brings the same qualities of diligence and high intellectual standards to his work with students, whether teaching, coaching or supervising. He has an engaging and congenial manner and is altogether a thorough, committed and popular teacher who has been fully involved in assessment procedures.

He taught many classes at the University of Cumbria in the BA Honours English courses. Some of his teaching was with Creative Writing classes. He is a published poet with much

experience of prose and novel writing. His writing is original as well as technically skilful, showing the same faculty of continued development and improvement.

I can recommend Dr Murphy without reservation.

Dr Carole Coates (poet and author)


As well as having an astute critical eye for the shape and style of an essay, Mick is a writer of compelling fiction, literary and genre, and a poet. His advice to students and creative writers is clear, accessible and incisive. He doesn't pull punches; he'll give you the advice you need and practical strategies you can apply to future work, too. I would recommend Mick wholeheartedly to both students and writers.

Dr Eliza Mood (poet and novelist)


"Mick was instrumental in enabling us to develop our arts publication. His advice and knowledge were invaluable in assessing submissions, and in providing editorial expertise that allowed us to produce professional articles as well and enabling contributors to get the most out of their writing. I was impressed by both his meticulous approach and his genuine passion for the work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mick to anyone wanting to improve their writing and to get an honest and considered appraisal of their work."

Dr. Simon Hawkesworth, Back&Beyond Arts Publication.


I have known Michael Murphy since 1998 and over the years have been increasingly impressed by his intellectual and human qualities. Well-read and sensitive to literature, for which he has a great love, he is also creative: a published poet who has been working on several narratives. I have read these and can vouch for the flair and talent they display. Articulate, thoughtful, conscientious and maintaining the highest standards personally and professionally, he would make an excellent tutor who would be able to offer detailed, thoroughly helpful essay advice. I can recommend him warmly and without hesitation.

Dr John Coates (author and critic)