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In any type of writing, people make mistakes. These mistakes range from the minuscule to more substantial writing errors. It is important that these mistakes are found, so that they can be improved upon, corrected, or redeveloped, giving you the best chance to succeed through your writing.
A single mistake can undermine the entirety of your (non-) academic work, so it is imperative that your writing is at the very best level it can be.
We also offer a specialist proofreading service for overseas students and academics, to ensure your English language reaches standards of excellence. We have successfully edited the writing of students from all 5 continents of the world, thanks to our cohort of some of the best English tutors in the business.

Professional Editing and Proofreading Services in Lancaster & across the UK

As professional writers, editors, and proofreaders, we are dedicated to providing bespoke editing and proofreading services, whatever your writing format.
We are experienced in providing academic services in:
• Dissertation proofreading
• PhD proofreading
• Academic essay proofreading
• Thesis proofreading
• Academic papers, articles, and books

Even the most successful writers say they find it difficult to proofread their own work. This is where we come in, to bring a fresh and expert set of eyes to your writing project. We’re proud to guide you in submitting a piece of writing that will impress all those who read it.

English Creative Writing and Academic Editing Services

Not only do we offer proofreading services but also bespoke academic editing services in Lancaster and across the UK. Alongside the proofreading of your academic essay, thesis, dissertation, or PhD, we also offer a fully comprehensive academic editing service that will examine flow, style, content, structure, presentation, and argument. This will ensure that your writing reaches soaring heights of excellence.
We also offer a fully comprehensive editing service for creative writing projects. For example, we will not only proofread your novel but offer crucial editorials on plot, tone, structure, language, dialogue, narrative, and characterisation. We provide editing services for creative writing texts such as:
• Novels and Novellas
• Short Stories
• Poetry
We also cater for a wide range of creative non-fiction writing on various topics:
• Self-help
• Educational
• Business
• Spiritual
• Historical
• Biography and Life Stories
• And mutiple other topics

We are Lancaster-based English writing Tutors and scholars looking to share our knowledge and return your writing fully corrected. We’ve helped countless Russel Group university students (Lancaster University, The University of Manchester, the University of Central Lancashire, and many, many more) as well as writers across the UK. We’d love to work with you, whether you are based closer to our home in Lancaster, or further afield in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria, across the UK, or anywhere else.
If you’re after experienced English Writing Tutors to help you with your piece of writing or overall writing ability, get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to discuss our services with you.

Proofreading and Editing by Professionals in the UK

“Who will be reading my writing?”
Our expert proofreading and editing feedback comes from specialists in the field . We are made up of a distinguished group of professional writers, lecturers, and academics. We can proudly boast that our staff have the highest qualifications and most have PhDs. It simply doesn't come better than that.

Bespoke Editing and Proofreading to Improve Your Writing Today

What’s more, our values are tailored towards the individual. We will carefully assess your writing ability and apply our editing and proofreading services to your specific needs. This is a tailored approach designed to address your individual requirements in order to eradicate all errors from your writing. Get in touch today to bring your writing to the highest standard.

We offer a free quote for our services, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to take you through our simple process.

August and September are busy months for dissertation proofreading UK services. Postgraduate students are working on dissertations that will need proofreading and editing before submission. For some students, their dissertation will be the longest piece of academic writing they have ever attempted, and they will need extra help. Dissertations are more difficult for students to organise in terms of flow, style, argument, and structure. Large assignments of academic writing will also need to demonstrate strict adherence to a particular style guide. Therefore, students will need academic proofreading UK services that are of the highest quality, with a staff made up of PhDs and Higher Education lecturers. And this is why hundreds of undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students come to us for dissertation proofreading. Here at Mindful Metta, we provide dissertation proofreading services by people with a proven track record of expert academic writing, editing, and knowledge in the field.

But student and academic proofreading isn’t just about correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes – it’s about ensuring that your dissertation is a coherent and accomplished piece of academic writing. It is possible to submit a student dissertation that is error free and grammatically perfect, but still, it receives a low mark. This is because there may have been issues with the style, argument, structure, and organisation of the dissertation. We often find that student dissertations lack a comprehensive and coherent introduction, that the paragraphs lack ‘signposting’ and do not lead on from each other, and that the conclusion is weak and does not present a clear argument nor reflect the work carried out in the dissertation. This is where we come in, to offer expert academic proofreading UK services that polish every aspect of your student writing, whether it is an undergraduate assignment, a postgraduate dissertation, or a PhD thesis.

Many of our clients are overseas students studying in Britain that require academic proofreading UK services. English is often their second language, which means that they can struggle to effectively express themselves. Such problems are especially apparent on longer projects such as dissertation and PhD writing. While the research and ideas of these overseas students is often good, this is let down by poor expression in their writing, thus they frequently need academic proofreading and editing help to remedy grammar and other issues. Here at Mindful Metta we have worked with students from all five continents of the world to successfully help bring their dissertations to the highest standards. We offer the best advice for academic proofreading UK services and look forward to helping you through this tricky period of completing your dissertation. We offer free quotes on student proofreading and editing and are happy to discuss any academic writing issues you may have.