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Mindful MettaTake your writing to a higher level.”

Mindful Metta offers a comprehensive service for all your writing needs. You can have your written work proofread, edited, or critiqued. Mindful Metta supplies a professional writing service on a wide range of documents which include: student essays, theses, dissertations, letters, literary reviews, application forms, curricula vitae, blogs, websites, press releases, and all forms of creative writing. Mindful Metta will provide expert critical feedback to ensure that your writing reaches standards of excellence. Our proofreaders are made up from a distinguished group of professional writers, lecturers and academics. We can proudly boast that our staff have the highest qualifications and most have PhDs. It doesn't come better than that!

Our services are tailored to the specific need of each client. Simply send your manuscript to us on a Word document and we will edit and return it to you corrected. We can also deal with paper manuscripts if required. Just ask for a free quotation and we will take you through the process of transforming your writing.