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"You may have the mind of the world's greatest thinker, but if you cannot communicate effectively, who shall receive your ideas?" (MM)

Writing and proofingWhether you are studying, working, or job-hunting, good English will increase your chance of success. Mindful Metta will ensure that your writing reaches standards of excellence and stands out from the crowd. English and non-English speaking clients have used this service to improve their writing skills, grammar and presentation. Specialist attention can eliminate writing tics, improve writing ability and nurture confidence in all forms of written communication.

Simply send in your manuscript to receive detailed feedback. There are two fundamental services available: the Overview Service and the Advanced Service. The Overview Service is a basic proofread, correcting language, punctuation, spelling and grammar. The Advanced Service has all the elements of the basic proofread, but also examines flow, style, content, structure and argument. It will ensure that your work communicates powerfully, is well-structured and is coherent.



The Overview Service

£10.00 up to 1000 words

The Advanced Service

£20.00 up to 1000 words

The above prices are set as a guideline. Prices may fluctuate from job to job. The client will be informed prior to any change in price. Quotes can be given for larger pieces of writing and for specific jobs. All types of writing can be accommodated. No job is too small or too large to complete.

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