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Mindful Metta offers a comprehensive service for all your writing needs. Each client is considered unique and will receive specialist advice according to their interests and abilities. You will receive professional support throughout your contact time.

Mindful Metta supplies a professional writing service on a wide range of documents which include:

  • Academic writing: essays, dissertations, PhDs, papers, and articles
  • Creative writing: novels, novellas, short stories, poetry
  • Creative non-fiction writing on various topics: self-help, educational business, spiritual, historical, biography, and multiple other topics



Academic editing services for journals

Journal editors state that they often reject manuscripts due to a substandard quality of writing and presentation. A poorly drafted manuscript can detract from your research and make comprehension of your writing difficult to understand. When publishers encounter poorly presented manuscripts, they may question the professionalism and standing of the author, consequently rejecting the paper and disregarding the validity of the research. No hard-working academic or researcher wants this to happen, but it is a widespread occurrence in the industry.

Publication in peer-reviewed journals is an essential ingredient of a successful academic career. In order to interest journal editors and publishers your language needs to be impressive and to communicate absolute clarity when attempting to express complex ideas. It is therefore crucial that the papers you submit for publication are of the highest standard. Submitting your manuscript for academic editing services will greatly enhance your chances of being published in prestigious journals and publications.

The editors at Mindful Metta will help you to perfect the style, tone, clarity, and structure of your paper. They will help you to showcase the most important elements of your research so that editors can easily absorb the content and significance of your work. In addition to eliminating errors in grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary, our academic writing services will advise on tone, flow, structure, and the overall organisation of your paper. We provide detailed feedback and suggested amendments to ensure you submit a publishable paper.

Editors of journals and publishing houses often ask writers to revise and amend certain elements of their manuscript to get published. This is common practice in the industry and is a way that editors can have their specific requirements met. However, sometimes the authors in question panic and doubt their ability to carry out these revisions. This is where we come in – to provide expert academic editing services to directly action the editor’s required amendments and to ensure they are effectively addressed. All our editors are accustomed to such work and warm to the task with precision and great expertise.

In addition to having expertise in language editing, our academic editors provide editorial services for a wide range of academic disciplines, including the humanities and social sciences. Our editing services include proofreading, deep-line editing, and style formatting according to the requirements of the relevant journal. Most academic journals have very strict guidelines to how they want manuscripts submitted – this includes line-spacing, marginal lengths, font type and size, paragraphing, capitalisation, headings layout – all of which will be taken care of by our expert academic editors.

Our editorial team are made of scholars with years of valuable academic writing, lecturing, and editing experience. They have a deep knowledge of the submission and publication process and will thus apply the necessary scrutiny of your manuscript to maximize your chances of publication. All our editors have finely trained eyes to spot the slightest of mistakes and to provide creative solutions to deeper language or argument issues that may arise. Our editorial team will meticulously scrutinise your manuscript for flaws and are always on the lookout for ways to improve your academic writing. Authors can be confident that their chances of publication will be greatly enhanced after passing through our academic editing services.

Interdisciplinary academic writing services

Our academic editing services also cater for interdisciplinary academic writing, where different disciplines are combined in a single research project. Whether it is a book, a journal article or a doctoral thesis, we can help. Whatever the requirements of your academic project, Mindful Metta has the expertise to deliver academic proofreading to the highest of standards.

Providing expert support and advice, we provide an affordable academic proofreading service for all your research and publication needs. And we guarantee to meet your deadline! Delivering academic editing services to the highest standards, our team of scholars have helped countless students, researchers, and academics achieve their writing goals.

Elevate your academic writing with our comprehensive editing and proofreading services in the UK

Helping graduate students, academics, and researchers perfect their academic writing is our passion. In addition to proofreading, our all-inclusive academic editing and proofreading services focus on other areas of academic writing that you may need help with. These include:

  • Tone
  • Argument
  • Thesis structure
  • Paragraph linking
  • Introduction and conclusion composition
  • Primary and secondary source advice
  • Quotation layout
  • Style formatting
  • Footnotes
  • Hypothesis development
  • How to access academic resources

Along with proofreading and line-by-line editing, our comprehensive proofreading and editing services include detailed marginal comments that explain our recommended changes. These comments will help you to produce stylish and polished academic writing. Where appropriate, we also provide free advice on the direction of your work, providing ideas of how you might develop your future academic writing projects.

Whether you need a language makeover or manuscript editing, or basic thesis and dissertation proofreading services, our expert editors will review your work to suit your needs.

Editing services for university assignments

Our student clients frequently tell us that their tutors and supervisors do not have the time to provide the kind of detailed feedback provided by our academic editing services in the UK.

They say that it is often difficult to arrange a short-notice supervisory meeting with their tutors, and when they do, only a limited amount of help can be covered. They also inform us that when they do get an essay, dissertation, or other assignment marked and returned, there are often limited comments and corrections made in relation to the text – not enough, they tell us – to make a significant difference in improving their work. The students therefore prefer to come to us for essay, dissertation, assignment proofreading and editing services, where they can guarantee a detailed inspection and analysis of their work.

Undergraduate writing can be challenging, even for native English speakers. Although university students have the intelligence to succeed and have creative ideas, they often lack the ability to effectively communicate those ideas when it comes to their writing. This failure of expression in the written word can result in poor grades and diminished confidence. Student editing services are therefore required to provide the help and support that is needed. Submitting an assignment to Mindful Metta will not only eliminate language problems but will also provide crucial feedback for the development of the assignment. Each editorial acts as a learning curve for the student, informing their writing skills for future projects.

For students whose native tongue is other than English, the task is even greater.

Overseas students often struggle with the high standards of English required to excel at university. All university written assignments require proficiency in the English language in order to succeed. To pass assignments, students must deliver writing that is of higher quality than what they have previously encountered at school and other education establishments. In order to gain the highest grades, university writing must be free of errors and lucid in expression. This is no easy task, especially for international students with English as a second language.

But help is just a text, call, or email away.

Mindful Metta's UK essay editing services will ensure your university assignments are of a professional standard. Our crack team of editors will correct flaws in grammar, punctuation, and syntax as well as address the style, organization, and flow of your work. Our editorials will ensure that the writing of non-native English speakers is indistinguishable from native speakers. The detailed revisions of our editors will not only improve the quality of your assignments but also greatly advance your English writing skills.

Frequently asked questions

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is the process in which your writing is checked for errors and mistakes. This would include checking for typographical errors and flaws in grammar, style, and spelling. While many people are pretty good at spotting errors in other peoples’ work, they tend to be less diligent with their own work. This is often because they are too close to the project and cannot see the wood for the trees. In other words, they are over familiar with the material and therefore cease to read it diligently. Thus, our academic essay, thesis, dissertation, and PhD proofreading services are in great demand.

Students of all levels use our academic editing services. We carry out assignment and essay proofreading for undergraduates, dissertation proofreading and editing for postgraduates, and thesis proofreading for PhDs. We have an existing client base for postdoctoral writers and advanced scholars who require academic proofreading and editing services for their books, reports, research projects, and journal articles. We have helped some of the world’s leading scholars transform their manuscripts into publishable books and articles.

My English is poor because it is not my native language – can you still help?

Yes, our academic proofreading services are especially designed to help foreign students and writers. We have helped a great many overseas students to achieve their academic writing goals. We have successfully carried out hundreds of essay, thesis, and dissertation proofreading jobs and have a long list of satisfied customers. All our academic proofreading and editing services are carried out by native English speakers with postgraduate degrees, mostly PhDs. We have proficiently provided academic proofreading services to students from all over the world, including China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Pakistan, France, Spain, Greece, Germany, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Norway, USA, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and many more countries.

Can you cater for different referencing styles?

Yes, we offer academic editing services in the UK for a wide range of referencing styles, including Harvard, APA, Chicago, MHRA, OSCOLA, Vancouver, and many others. If you require dissertation editing for a particular referencing style, just let us know and we will apply our editing services accordingly.

Do you carry out editing services for advanced academics?

Yes, we have a strong client base of successful academics and postdoctoral researchers who require proofreading and editing services for their books, articles, reports, reviews, and research projects. These clients return to us time and time again to enhance their academic writing and for help achieving their publishing goals. We also have a vast clientele requiring PhD thesis copy editing and PhD proofreading services, along with a wide range of other postgraduate students requiring academic proofreading.

Established academics also use our editing services in the UK when wishing to transform their PhD manuscripts into a book. They are sometimes looking to reach a more popular market and wider audience, and thus we provide advice, guidance, and editorial services to make a smooth transition from thesis to mainstream book.

How do I submit my work for academic editing services?

We ask our clients to provide us with a Word document attachment of their manuscript. We then edit the document using the ‘track changes’ facility which highlights all the suggested amendments of our academic editors. Within this process our academic editors will offer detailed feedback, amendments, and instructions for the improvement of the manuscript.

I’ve just started my PhD. Can you help with my early chapter drafts as well as provide PhD thesis copy editing at the end?

Yes, we can help you through all stages of your PhD writing experience. We can provide proofreading or editing services for your early drafts and deliver the final polish at the end with PhD thesis copy editing. You will be assigned a PhD tutor/editor who will offer expert advice and support through every stage of your thesis writing experience. You are not alone – we have an expert PhD tutor to guide you through each stage of your writing.

Do you carry out academic proofreading and editing services at short notice?

Yes, we can offer quick turnaround times to carry out academic proofreading on your essay, thesis, or dissertation. Once we have established your deadline, the word count, and the current level of your work, we will quote you a competitive price and will commence work when you are ready to begin.

I am having trouble organising the structure of my academic dissertation – can you help?

Yes, our academic editing services provide clear guidance for the structuring of dissertations and PhD theses. We will help you to construct a clear, coherent, and comprehensive dissertation with a professional introduction and organised paragraphs that lead to a powerful conclusion. Our academic tutors will also help you provide well signposted paragraphs with a natural flow that build your argument in a professional and convincing way.

Do your PhD editing services provide help with literature reviews?

Yes, most definitely. Our academic tutors will help you to construct and build a highly professional literature view. Our editing services will help you to:

  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the research topic
  • Identify gaps in the literature and demonstrate how your research relates to this
  • Provide the foundation for your conceptual ideas
  • Develop your methodology and research design

Can you carry out proofreading services for my bibliography and references?

Yes, we specialise in academic editing services for bibliographies and a wide range of referencing styles. We ensure that your bibliography and references are accurate according to your chosen style guide. We also provide expert editing services for any footnotes that you may wish to incorporate. Your academic editor will advise you on all matters relating to the style and presentation of your thesis.

Can your thesis proofreading services provide academic advice for my methodology chapter?

Yes, you will be assigned an academic editor who be responsible for carrying out editing services on your thesis. They will help you to:

  • Identify your research question
  • Elucidate your chosen approach
  • Delineate any possible uncommon features of your methodology
  • Describe your data collection methods
  • Clarify how your methods are used to analyse your data
  • Evaluate and justify the methodological choices you have made
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen methodology

Do you offer proofreading and editing services in the UK for creative writers?

Yes, we offer proofreading and editing services for creative writing, including a wide range of genre fiction. For ten years we have been providing novel, biography, autobiography, short story, and poetry editing and proofreading services in the UK. We also cater for creative non-fiction writing. We provide creative writing help online and offer advice in relation to getting your work published. You will be allocated a creative writing tutor who will guide you through the various drafting stages towards publication. All our creative writing tutors/editors are published writers who have either taught in higher education or have publishing industry experience. We have helped countless novelists and other writers to self- and traditional publication.

Can you provide creative writing editing for my novel?

Yes, we specialise in preparing novels for the publishing world. We have a breadth of experience and dedication seldom found in the profession. All aspects of your novel will be scrutinised to ensure that each chapter is serving a crucial role in the unfolding drama. You can choose novel editing or proofreading services according to your needs.

We offer the following package:

  • We provide skilful feedback on plot, subplot, tone,language, location, dialogue, narrative, characterization, and structure
  • We produce sparkling prose that is perfect in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and layout
  • We ensure that your work communicates powerfully, is well structured and coherent
  • Detailed attention is given to every sentence, offering creative solutions to language problems
  • We guarantee to meet the agreed deadline
  • We always offer friendly and open communication